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General Specifications

Sensor Type Hall sensor
Over Pressure 520bar*30 min
Burst Pressure >1000bar
Testing Pressure 0-400bar
Working Pressure 0-200bar
Leakage Rate <1/100,000
Calibration accuracy 1.6% F.S.
Working Temperature -40~120?
Durability >80,000 cycles
Thread 1/4"BSP, M14*1.5, M12*1.5
Certification ECE-R110
Water Proof IP66
Body Material SS304

The Hall type sensor has linerity output, accuracy of output is 2.5% and linerity rate is 1.6%, it has good capacity to anti vibration, supports digital switch.






None +5V 40bar/4.0V~150bar/1.0V 12KO deviding resistance
-12 +12V 40bar/4.0V~150bar/1.0V 12KO deviding resistance
-F +5V 40bar/1.0V~150bar/4.0V 10KO deviding resistance
-F2 +12V 40bar/1.0V~150bar/4.0V 4.7KO deviding resistance
-F4 +5V 0bar/0.5V~260bar/4.5V Export linear volt directly
-2.4 +5V 0bar/0.5~200bar/2.44V Export linear volt directly
*Hall sensor and transmitter are volt output, dividing resistor is not required;


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